Sliding Door ETO Sterilizer

ETO Sterilizer

We are the leading manufacturers of ETO sterilizers with sliding door that promotes easy and fast operations. We manufacture our products with the help of the latest technology as per the norms of the industry. Since we use high quality material, they are very robust and resistant to corrosion and rust.

Our range of equipment is available in diverse technical specifications and capacities as per the requirements of our clients. Our equipment is stringently tested for their quality hence is guaranteed for its quality and functionality. Our equipment is easy to install and maintain. It is also very durable. The compact design, power-efficiency and user-friendliness are added benefits of utilization of our products. Our equipment is mainly applied in the industries such as pharmaceutical industries, surgical tools, instruments and devices industries, Textile industries and medical industries, food and beverage industries etc.

It is very efficient in killing the contagious and health hazardous micro-organisms such as Bacteria, virus, Fungi etc. It is very appropriate for electronics, plastics and such moisture, heat and pressure sensitive substances. We are the chief supplier and exporter of ETO Sterilizer in India. We mainly export them to the countries such as South Africa, U.K., Canada, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Argentina etc.